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Altera Max+PlusII Tutorial and General Information




Video and Keyboard Terminal Emulator
The terminal emulator displays keyboard input to a VGA monitor using the Altera UP1 board. The project consists of a keyboard, a video, and a top level structural VHD file.



"On Edge" Project

Our computer engineering design project is a 5-stage pipelined DLX computer system.  When programmed onto a Flex 10K70 chip using the Altera UP1 board, the DLX computer will sort a set of numbers and display the results to the VGA monitor.

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VHD Altera Tutorial
VHD Altera tutorial(Word 97 format) was written to assist students in their computer engineering senior design project by introducing computer design using the Altera MaxPlusII software.

The tutorial uses Dr. Hamblen's MIPS computer design.  Although the tutorial includes the VHD files in the Appendix, you can download the full project from Dr. Hamblen's MIPS models page.



Authors and Acknowledgements
These web pages and projects were created by Georgia Tech students Doug McAlister, Gauthier Philippart, and Michael Sugg.

We would like to thank Georgia Tech Professors Dr. James Hamblen and Dr. Henry Owen, Altera Corporation, Insight Systems, and our wives for their assistance and support.