Group Members:

                               James Flohr, Daniel Paul Martin, Anthony Trakowski, and Ben Yeh


    The CarlsenBot is a voice activated chess-playing robot. It is implemented using an mbed microcontroller taking care of all processing for the voice recognition and the robotic claw moving the pieces. In a previous semester a team created a similar chess-playing robot, the KasparoBot. It played with a chess engine by registering moves through OpenCV. Our chess robot aims to build upon this previous project with the implementation of an improved motor encoder, voice recognition instead of vision, and greater accuracy.   

Possible future improvements:

  • Quieter design
  • Even greater accuracy
  • Castling
  • Improved recognition in the prescence of noise

***Please contact Ben Yeh at ben.p.yeh@gmail.com for the edited chess engine that this project uses.