Assembler for Windows 9x/NT
The next generation of TIM!

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    WinTim32 is a fully functional meta assembler and 1.5-pass assembler based on the Texas Instruments Meta-Assembler known as "TIM".  WinTim32 uses the same expression syntax as the original TIM, and projects from that meta-assembler (with a few exceptions) should be compatible with WinTim32.

    WinTim32 does not currently support the PROM formatting features of TIM, nor any of the linker functions, but these are planned for future revisions.  The full C++ source code is also available for the WinTim32 program, and you are free to modify or distribute this code.

    Check out the WinTIM quick start tutorial   (MS Word version)Here are some example WinTim source files for a simple computer.
For the MIPS, here are some example files that will help you get started. There is also a modified beta version of Wintim32 that produces better listing and MIF files with the MIPS and macro calls. Not all of the MIPS Pseudoinstructions are included in these files, just the core instructions.




Help and Support

     Click here to view WinTim32's Help and Support Page, which includes help on the program's functionality as well as detailed information on supported assembly instructions and operators.  Also included here is contact information for the authors.


    Get WinTim32 now!  It's fast, free, easy, and fun.  Click here.  (Note: In order to install WinTim32, you'll need an unzip utility such as WinZip.)

    Want source code?  It's fully-functional and available for non-commercial use here.

WinTim32 and this web page Copyright (C) 1999 Eric VanHeest, Mitch Kispert, and probably the Georgia Institute of Technology.