Other Suggested Reference Material
(limited to books in print as of 9/99)

HDL Synthesis Reference Texts

  • Sensors for Mobile Robots : Theory and Application;

  • H. R. Everett
  • Robots, Androids and Animatrons

  • John Iovine; Paperback.
  • Mobile Robots : Inspiration to Implementation;

  • Joseph L. Jones, et al
  • Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots : Case Studies of Successful Robot Systems;

  • David Kortenkamp(Editor), et al
  • Behavior-Based Robotics (Intelligent Robots and Autonomous Agents);

  • Ronald C. Arkin

    Computer Architecture

    High Speed Digital Design Techniques

  • High-Speed Digital Design

  • A Handbook of Black Magic; W. Johnson, Ph.D., Graham Martin, Ph.D.; Hardcover.

    CAD Algorithms and FPGA/CPLD Architecture

    Computer Arithmetic

  • Computer Arithmetic : Algorithms and Hardware Designs

  •  (multiply, divide and floating point algorithms) Behrooz Parhami; Hardcover.
  • Elementary Functions : Algorithms and Implementation

  • (sin, cos, tan, exp, log algorithms) Jean-Michel Muller; Hardcover.

    Digital Design Textbooks